Join the Leader in Aquatic Filtration Systems

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Vak Pak, Inc. is the leader in Aquatic Filtration and Recirculation Systems. Based in Jacksonville, FL, Vak Pak Inc. operates its Systems Manufacturing plant as well as Vak Pak Builders Supply which offers wholesale parts and materials to the industry.

Since our company was founded in 1970, Vak Pak has consistently emphasized quality, performance, innovation, and reliability in our products. Today, that pledge remains as strong as ever

At Vak Pak, we don't just make the best filtration systems in the world. We also have the best people to engineer, build, support, sell, and service them. We offer many benefits and support programs to help make Vak Pak employees the best in the industry.

Join the team that helps make Vak Pak the leader in aquatic filtration technology.

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