Commercial Pool Equipment and Accessories

From main drains to chemical storage control, we have a full range of commercial pool equipment and accessories that maximize your system's capabilities, operate economically and are aesthetically pleasing. All of our accessories have safety and service incorporated into their design.

Low Profile Vaults & Subterranean Vaults

Our subterranean vaults and fountain systems come pre-plumbed with pumps, filters, electrical equipment, timers and gauges, as well as any necessary chemical equipment. Each system can be manufactured for your specific application and needs.

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Main Drains

We carry the finest-quality fiberglass main drain sumps in the industry in a variety of sizes including custom sizes 24" and larger. Available in round or square, all have a sand grit finish for better bonding.

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Rain Diverter Systems

The Vak Pak Splash Pad Diverter Vault is designed to allow rainwater to be diverted to storm drain piping when the Splash pad is not in use. The system comes standard with manual corrosion resistant isolation valves or customized for automatic actuation when the park closes and opens.

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Chemical Control & Storage Systems

Our chemical storage systems are designed to house the chemical holding crocks, plus chemical feeding equipment and controllers. Chemical storage systems are perfect for states that enforce strict environmental protection laws and that require a dual containment system for liquid chemicals. 

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Sediment Tanks

Our sediment tanks are designed to capture large debris before it enters the filtration cycle. The tanks also help reduce maintenance and chemical usage. Our lightweight designs lower shipping costs and allow for installation by hand on systems less than 400 gallons, eliminating the need for heavy equipment.

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Collector Tank Skirt

Your collector tank can be set to proper static water levels regardless of grade. Collector tank skirts can be custom-made to your height specifications, from 3" to 24". Skirts can also be ordered later and easily installed in the field at any time.

Architectural Vault and Tank Doors

These Architectural TER Doors allow design professionals to provide concealed access to Vaults and Collector Tanks utilizing decorative flooring materials. The pan-type cover accepts a wide variety of architectural materials allowing the door integrate into virtually any setting.

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