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Vak Pak is the largest manufacturer of collector tanks and surge tanks in North America. We offer the widest variety of collector, surge and filter tank sizes, ranging from 60 to 4,000 gallons. Our in-house drafting experts allow us to manufacture any size tank and customize it to your specific site layout and application.

 We pioneered the way in gravity feed collection tanks and produce the safest operating systems on the market today. Our systems not only meet but exceed VGBA (Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act) requirements and can be installed above or below ground.

 A gravity drainage system using a collector tank is the only VGB-compliant secondary layer of protection that removes direct suction from the suction outlet when a main drain is present in a pool or spa. They are not easily disabled and require no maintenance or ongoing testing to ensure that they are functioning properly. To date, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has no record of a suction entrapment drowning when a gravity system is being used. In the state of Florida alone, it's estimated that 31 lives have been saved by requiring gravity drainage on pools and spas.

Our gravity drainage systems works on the principle that a properly sized and located collector tank installed between the pool or spa and the pump can limit the amount of suction created when the main drain is blocked. The suction line to the pump is connected to the collector tank rather than the main drain. Water flows from the main drain in the pool to the collector tank by gravity, and from the collector tank to the pump by pump-caused suction. With this recirculation system, the main drain is not a source of pump-caused suction, virtually eliminating any chance of suction entrapment.

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Over the last 40 years, we've become the industry leader in the design and manufacture of gravity feed systems. Call on us to design a safe, reliable system for your next project.

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