Commercial High Rate Sand (CHR) Series 

Commercial High Rate Sand Series

  • The CHR Series is a complete commercial high rate sand system enclosed in a fiberglass equipment cabinet CB602, CB1002, CB1402 or CB1702 depending on the size of system needed. It comes pre-plumbed with all valves, gauges, flowmeter, recirculation pumps, sand filters, multiport valves or valve manifold, heater bypass, chemical pumps and controller, as well as a remote collector tank sized for the specific application. The pumps and feeders are pre-wired to the Vak Pak electrical control panel and motor starters are included if applicable. All pumps and pipes are properly sized for the required filter turnover rate. Chemical feeders and a chemical controller are installed in accordance with the health department requirements.
  • Standard models are designed to meet flow rates from 47 to 400 gpm and range from 16,900 to 144,000 gallons of pool water with a 6 hour turnover rate.
  • The CHR Series is manufactured for medium to high traffic pools and provides good clarity and purity of water as well as being the easiest filtration system to maintain.
  • Custom models can be designed and built for any size and type of installation, including, and recommended for animal and aquatic wildlife filtration systems.