Interactive Water Feature (IWF)

                         Splash Pad Series 

IWF Model Green

  • Interactive Water Feature Systems for splash pad applications come pre-plumbed and pre-wired with all pumps, filters, valve manifolds, breaker panel, control panel and chemical control equipment. Ultra-violet light purification systems are available where required.
  • Local codes are addressed to ensure compliance to Department of Health standards.
  • Systems can be constructed in our standard above grade fiberglass cabinets, designed to fit in below grade vaults or skid mounted for equipment room installations.
  • Each system comes with a remote collector tank sized to handle water retention and to comply with necessary chemical contact times. This insures proper purification of the water.
  • Standard models range from 50 to 1200 GPM feature flow rates. Custom equipment can be designed to meet required flow rates and applications.
  • The LP-VD valve diverter vaults are designed to allow for water flowing from the splash pad to the collector tank to be diverted to a designated storm drain line during hours when the park is closed. This helps preserve the chemical integrity of the water during storms or heavy rain. Vaults come standard with manual control valve but can be fitted for automated control when linked with the splash pad control panel. This regulates the valve positions based on the park hour's timer. Valve diverters are designed to save on chemical usage and maintenance costs.