Vacuum Cartridge (CP) Series

Vacuum CP Series

  • The CP Series is a complete vacuum cartridge filtration systems designed to meet flow rates required from 37 to 337 gpm and range from 13,320 to 121,320 gallons of pool water with a 6 hour turnover rate.
    The CP Series will serve from 37 to 337 transient units and up to 450 non-transient units.
  • All CP Series are enclosed in the CB402, CB502, CB602, CB1002 or CB1402 cabinet, depending on the size of the system needed. They are pre-plumbed and come standard with all valves, gauges, flow meters, filters, pumps, heater bypass, separation tanks, chemical feeders and automatic water level control devices. Pumps and feeders are pre-wired to the Vak Pak electrical control panel and motor starters are included if applicable.
  • The CP Series is recommended for low to medium traffic pools. This system is excellent for clarity and purity of the pool water.
  • All models can be ordered without cabinets or electrical by specifying a “Z” before the model needed.