Cabinets and Vaults

From small fountains to large community pools, Vak Pak offers the aquatic industry solutions for every kind of project. Our cabinets and vaults can be found in hotels, theme parks, resorts, housing development, malls and backyards across the country.

State-of-the-art filtration and recirculation technology and components are integrated into our wide variety of above- and below-grade cabinets and vaults. The Vak Pak is a completely self-contained, pre-plumbed filter system enclosed in a fiberglass equipment cabinet. Vak Paks can be plumbed in minutes, a fraction of the time it takes to coordinate and plumb a filter room. Connections are easily made with Vak Pak's slip PVC coupling connections — bring a source of power to the Vak Pak electrical panel, fill the chemical tanks or charge D.E. system filter elements, and you're ready to go. 

Our advanced, in-house CAD capabilities allow us to meet all of your specifications and incorporate equipment into an attractive cabinet or suitable vault for any type of project.

Above Grade Cabinet Series

Cabinet Image 1W  Cabinet Image 2WCabinet Image 3W  Cb202wCb204w  Cb502wCb602w  Cb1002wCb1402w  Cb1702w                                                    

Below Grade Vault Series

Vault 1Web  Vault 2Web

Vault 3Web  Mv1600w

Lp3000w2  Lp6000w

Lp8000w  Lp9600w