Commercial Water Feature Systems

Vak Pak's scope of design capabilities for water feature applications is unsurpassed in the industry. We start with your flow requirements for your fountain, waterfall or other water feature, and then engineer your system according to your site, users and application. We have installed highly customized, innovative water features for public parks, theme parks, residential and commercial developers, zoos and churches. Our advance, in-house CAD capabilities ensure that our solution meets your specifications.

Waterfall Equipment

Every Vak Pak waterfall feature system comes equipped with all of the components needed to provide years of reliable performance while allowing flexibility for landscape integration. These systems can be an above-grade installation embedded within the landscaping or below-grade with nearly complete concealment of your waterfall equipment.

Fountain Equipment & Commercial Fountain Pumps

Our below-grade fountain equipment can be installed in heavy traffic areas near the water feature so they are almost unnoticed by passersby. Each Vak Pak system is pre-plumbed, wired and tested for your landscape feature. Lockable access deters tampering and prolongs the life of your equipment by removing it from the elements.

Zoo Water Features

We can design a system that meets your unique water-quality requirements for animals and birds of all kinds. Whether it's an elephant wading pool using two vacuum sand filters and UV lighting for sanitizing the water or a small lagoon for flamingos, Vak Pak can meet your zoo water feature needs with customized, discreet equipment installation options.

Themed Water Park Features

Where water-based themed attractions are needed, Vak Pak offers the ability to deliver water and filtration to any attraction, from battling pirate ships to animatronic figures. With unlimited methods of delivery and equipment concealment, we can help you achieve the impact you envision for your themed design.

Baptismal Font Equipment

We work with you to ensure that your baptismal font adheres to the unique requirements of your religious denomination. From large submersing applications to child christenings, our filter and recirculation systems can be designed and constructed to meet any needs.