Water Filtration Solutions

Commercial Swimming Facilities:

Whether you are looking for a complete pre-manufactured filter system for your next hotel project, residential development or recreational facility, Vak Pak has the experience and ability to manufacture the highest quality equipment for your application. Swimming pools, spas and wading pools that fall under the jurisdiction of the state health departments are required to meet specific safety standards defined by your building departments and health codes. Vak Pak Inc. builds each piece of equipment to adhere to these specific codes and regulations. As well as being the safest operating systems on the market to comply with the VGBA by using gravity fed collection tanks that remove the harmful suction forces from the main drain sump so there is no risk of fatal suction entrapment. Contact Vak Pak today to receive a quote for your next project. We will design and build a quality, custom filtration package, to meet your exacting standards.


Vak Pak Inc. manufactures quality filtration equipment for residential swimming pools and spas. Many clients are not pleased to see all of the equipment for the swimming pool open to the elements as well as the entire neighborhood to see and hear. Vak Pak residential systems are manufactured in a lockable fiberglass enclosure that protects the equipment from the outdoor environment as well as being secure from tampering and easier to integrate into the landscaping of your clients property. Each system is designed to the exact specifications for your swimming pool and spa. Residential collector tanks are also available to protect your client's families from the harmful suction forces from the main drain sump so there is no risk of fatal suction entrapment. Vak Pak systems can be installed at your residential jobsite in a matter of hours, instead of days on the site plumbing, wiring and testing your filtration equipment you can be assured that your Vak Pak system will be built to the exact specifications that you desire. Each system is backed by a 1 year warranty. Contact Vak Pak today for a quote on your next job or tell your contractor that you would like to have Vak Pak Inc. provide the filtration equipment for your swimming pool or spa.

Collector Tanks:

Gravity flow swimming pools and spas that utilize a collector tank are the safest option on the market that comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) for suction entrapment. By allowing water to travel safely from the main drain sump in the pool or spa to the collection tank there is virtually no possible situation in which someone could be fatally entrapped on the main drain. Water will flow through the main drain grate at no greater than 1.5 feet per second, to the collector tank, before it is drawn through the recirculation pumps and returned to the pool. The state of Florida has required gravity flow recirculation on all swimming pools and spas for over 30 years with a perfect record of not even 1 death or injury associated with main drain suction entrapment on a properly designed and installed collector tank. This perfect record of safety and reliability speaks for itself. Collector tanks require no electronic or pressure sensitive back up, no ongoing inspection, they are not easily disabled, and are maintenance free; there is no room for error. When it comes to your clients, families and loved ones, don’t trust any other device to give the protection and reliability that you will receive from a Vak Pak collector tank. Each of our Vak Pak systems is equipped with a collector tank that meets the necessary requirements to provide your specific pool or spa with the kind of safety and protection you need. From 60 to 4000 gallons we can design and manufacture a collection tank for your specific project.

Fountain and Features:

When it comes to splash pads, fountains, waterfalls or water features for your next project Vak Pak Inc. can design and build a custom filter system to meet your needs. Fountain and feature systems come equipped with all the necessary equipment to make your project cleaner, safer and more appealing. Fountain and feature systems can be an above grade or below grade installation. Below grade fountain systems can be installed in a heavy traffic area near the feature and hardly be seen by the passer by. Each system is pre-plumbed, wired and tested for your particular feature. Lockable access deters unwanted tampering and prolongs the life of your equipment by removing it from the elements. Contact Vak Pak Inc. today to see how we can help you with your next fountain, waterfall or water feature project.