Listed below are a few prominent projects we have been involved with and letters we have received.

Jacksonville Zoo - Elephant Exhibit Pool

Nashville Zoo - Flamingo Exhibit Pool

Legoland Florida - 5 attractions

The Villages, FL - Over 20 community pools

Arnold Air Force Base Community - Splash Pad

City of Washington D.C. Parks - Splash Pads

Yarrabuh Aboriginal Village, Australia - Splash Pad

Brookfield Zoo Chicago - Hamill Family Play Stream



Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.

Thanks Jeff and Jim for your quick response to our request for assistance with our VAKPAK system. As you know, we operate a Christian campground in Old Town, Florida on the banks of the Suwannee River and our 80,000 gallon pool is in constant use. The VAKPAK filtration system has performed flawlessly in making sure we have quality water for campers to swim in. Your visit to our site helped to insure that we were performing the necessary maintenance to keep the pool in top working condition. You guys came out and took us through all of the steps to make sure we were on track. You offered excellent advice on both the mechanical side as well as the chemical side of keeping a pool in tip top condition. Our pool man, Dustin was pleased to hear your kind words about his ability and his working knowledge of the VAKPAK. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and it is nice to know that a company puts so much into service after the sale. We are in a remote location, but your response was as if you were our next door neighbor.

Thanks again,
Skipper Jones
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.

LaGasse’ Pool Construction Company
2877 West Broward Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
Phone (954) 587-1000 Fax (954) 581-1000
State License: CPC027476

Maintaining a reputation as a leading public pool builder in South Florida for 58 years is not easy to do. We heavily rely on subcontractors and suppliers to deliver top quality through all phases of construction. Vak Pak Inc., (one for our oldest and most reliable suppliers) has been coming through for us for three decades. We use their products on every pool, spa, interactive feature, and fountain we build. Whether it be main drains, collector tanks, or a State of the Art filtration, the quality is always consistent. We often consult with them through the design process of even the most complex, cutting edge filtration and sanitation designs. They keep fully apprised of all codes relating to the industry, and that is important. Vak Pak employees are friendly, honest, reliable, and always deliver their product on time. “They help us be who we are!”

Daniel LaGasse’
LaGasse’ Pool Construction Company
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

deHaas Consulting & Design
Residential-Commercial-Land Use Interpretation-Total Permitting

To Whom It May Concern:

We want to thank your employees for their helpfulness, and especially Express our Gratitude to Mr. Tom Karst, who has assisted us without restraint In all our questions about your filtration and recirculation systems and how to make it work with our design. His professional manner and his eagerness to be of support have made feasible our project. We congratulate you for having such an efficient engineer on your team; his management has been the determining factor for us to specify Vak Pak (no substitutions allowed) in our projects.

Thank you truly,

Elena Ortega,
Dehaas Consulting and Design
88975 Overseas Hwy.
Taverneir, FL 33070